Luke Ridgway



March 20th 2015

Short clip taken from my first time-lapse which is of the Partial Solar Eclipse 🙂

April 2013 has had a makeover.  Hope you like the new look..
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May the Force be With You


In the summer of 2012 Luke won the Ashby Arts Festival Photography Competition with one of his unique Red Arrows photographs.

In the same competition Luke’s ‘Rocky Robin’ photo also claimed a Highly Commended award.


JUDGES COMMENTS | A strikingly unusual treatment of a common type of image.  Usually, we see these aerial display planes in bright blue skies so it’s refreshing to see a dark, stormy sky which really adds a sense of drama.  The image is very well exposed, too.  It’s also superbly composed, with the planes and trails perfectly placed.  The overall image almost has a 3D effect!

ROCKY ROBIN | Highly Commended | by Luke Ridgway

JUDGES COMMENTS | A fine study, with the background very effectively blurred so the bird stands out.  I love the dark base of the leaves and the vignetting, whether deliberate or not!  This image might have earned a third place had the robin been sharper on the body and legs.