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Now Sold


Smart Fortwo CDI Pulse


Sold Privately


Immaculate condition inside and outside

All Black


70k miles

approx 69-70k miles (will increase as used daily until sold. exactly 69,035 at time of photographs.

Note: the average mileage for a car this age based on Glass’s vehicle report is 67K, so if you will be doing less miles than I do then when you come to sell the smart car on again it will theoretically be low mileage 😉


(this page updated on 8th Jan 2017)


Full Service history

only the last service was not at the official Mercedes garage. I used to have a service contract (3 years) but when that ran out I used a local garage recommended by a work colleague in weymouth.


12 months MOT*

Passed the MOT on Friday 25th November 2016. No advisories 🙂



Diesel  |  60MPG  |  No Tax

No Road Tax due its extremely low C02 emissions

Note, you still have to go through the process of taxing the smartcar, its just that there is no charge. Which is nice.

Average MPG over 4 years  =  60mpg+

Note: That is real life MPG worked out at every refill, not ‘test factory’ MPG.  I had all this data in an iPhone app… until the phone died and was replaced…  but I updated this religiously at Every refill for 4 years! and tried everything to salvage that data, tna



  • Automatic / semi auto via Paddle Shift on steering wheel or gearstick nudge
  • Panoramic glass roof  (not sunroof. has a pull over blind too)
  • Driver and Passenger Airbags
  • Remote Central locking  |  also, one of the key fob buttons releases the boot
  • Electric Windows
  • Spare Key
  • ABS
  • Air Con
  • CD / Radio
  • Has the CD holder fitted too (an extra) (holds 6 CD’s – Its not a cd changer, it literally just holds them!)
  • I added the Auxiliary-in  (headphone jack 3.5mm) cable so you can connect any device to listen through the radio.
  • I also applied the Supaguard paintwork protection when I bought the car, I did this myself so no receipts or guarantee.
  • Euro NCAP safety rating of 4/5:



I am the  car’s second owner.  I bought it from Sandown Smart/Mercedes in Poole (Holes Bay Road) in June 2012 when I swapped jobs and inherited a commute to Weymouth.

I think it had approx 12k miles on it then.  I have used it almost every work day for my commute to Weymouth and back to Wimborne, about 35 miles each way and I have averaged just over 60 mpg over the  just over4 years I have had it.  (Note that that is real world MPG worked out at every refill, not ‘test factory’ MPG.  I had all this data in an iPhone app… until the phone died and was replaced…  but did this religiously for 4 years! and tried everything to salvage that data, tna).

The commute I do is through Wimborne town centre, then A road with an average speed below 40mph, then dual carriageway where generally cruise at 70-80mph (comfortably), then A road again averaging less than 40mph, then B roads into work.  I think for a cars health that this is the perfect drive  – having this mixture of roads and the approx 45 minute journey time, rather than any stop start or short journeys where cars do not get warmed up, can’t burn off the particulate filter, and can’t charge the battery… etc etc….

Usage: 70 miles per day / 350 miles per week / assuming a max of 48 weeks commuted to work  =  17,800 miles per year.



It really is a fantastic car, and I never wanted a smart car!  When I moved jobs I previously had a company car and all I needed was something economical for my new commute… and this car has been amazing.

I did have a few occasions where it went into ‘limp home mode’ (I don’t know if that is the correct term?).

This happened a few times on a couple of occasions (I pulled over, stopped the engine, waiting a minute or so, then it started and ran ok again to get to garage) and each time the Mercedes garage replaced a ‘sensor’ under the warranty.  It has not happened since this was done…  I will try and find the paperwork..  also I am sure they said that the sensors have their own warranty for 3 years? I can try and check this too..


It is really comfy to drive, the only downside I think is that the auto box is a bit ‘elastic-bandy’ in comparison with some other automatics I have driven – though you do get used to that.  I used the paddle shift once! I think it is a gimmick, but you may prefer it.  You can also nudge the gearstick back or forward to change gear, I did that once too!  It is really comfy at the motorway speed limit, and at 80, and tops out at 90!  It really doesn’t feel as small as it is!  It also pulls away much quicker than you would expect.

We even went on holiday in it to Jersey with all our luggage in the more spacious than you would expect boot.  I can even get my mountain bike inside too (wheels off)!   (and the boot door also has extra storage built in – see pics below)


The only reason for selling now is that I need more seats due to our baby daughter now needing to be dropped off and collected from childcare as my wife has returned to work.  Otherwise I would keep it as it is such a cheap car to run!

The passenger airbag does not allow for a rear facing car seat to be fitted.




Some Info, if your interested:

AA Review of this 2009 CDI model:

A youtube review:


SMART  stands for:

S: Swatch
M: Mercedes
ART: Acknowledging the unique design associated with the brand

Owned by Daimler. Design by Swatch. Built by Mercedes.

Out of interest, this 800cc Turbo Diesel engine is the worlds smallest production diesel engine:








And the logo:





The letter ‘C’ stands for “compact,” acknowledging the iconic size of the smart cars that sets them apart. The right-pointing arrow represents “forward thinking,” emphasizing the brand’s mission to push engineering/design boundaries and appeal to its forward-thinking target customers, like YOU 😉





Thanks for looking, please ask if you have any questions.. or want further images added to the ones below: